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Shroud Encounter… the Book!

Shroud Encounter: Explore the World’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery

Experience the mystery of the Shroud of Turin (the sacred linen believed by millions to be the authentic burial cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb).

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Is This the Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ?

What readers say

“Highly recommended!”

Gary R. Habermas
Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics, Liberty University

"One of the most respected and knowledgeable Shroud scholars and lecturers in the world.”

Barrie Schwortz
Documenting photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc.

"In the pantheon of Shroud literature, this is a book beyond compare."

Jim Cavnar
Founder and CEO, Cross Catholic Outreach

“The Shroud presents an extreme either-or proposition: It either is the actual burial shroud that wrapped Jesus in the tomb, or it is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. There is nothing in between.”

– Russ Breault

About the Author: Russ Breault

Russ Breault is a lifelong researcher and lecturer on the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the authentic burial cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb. He has participated in numerous international conferences including the first United States Scientific Symposium held in October of 1981 when all the scientists involved with the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc. (STURP) presented their papers over two days. Their work was later published in 24 peer reviewed journal articles. He is on the board of directors for the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. (STERA) founded by Barrie Schwortz, documenting photographer for the Shroud Project.

Russ was an advisor to the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC for the development of a world class temporary exhibit in 2022 visited by 85,000 people over six months. He was an advisor to CNN’s Finding Jesus episode on the Shroud and was interviewed for Good Morning America and World News Tonight regarding new dating methodologies. He has been featured in several documentaries seen on History Channel, Discovery, CBS, and EWTN.

Along with hundreds of churches of all denominations, Russ has brought “Shroud Encounter,” a big screen event using over 200 animated images to numerous colleges and universities including Duke, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, West Point, GA Tech, Cal State, and many others.

Russ is the founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc. (STEP) with a simple mission statement: “To advance the knowledge of the Shroud to a new generation.” His primary website is:  He also hosts a Facebook page, Instagram page, and a YouTube channel all under the “Shroud Encounter” moniker.

Author’s Sneak Peak

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“The bloodstains perfectly correlate with the wounds of crucifixion as recorded in the biblical account.”

– Russ Breault

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