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Protestant References

I enjoyed the Shroud Encounter very much and especially the close ties to Scripture. It was a great presentation. I saw the expressions on people’s faces of fascination as they viewed the life-size replica. Everyone had a learning experience and I highly recommend it. Rick Price, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone UMC, Newnan, GA

Russ Breault brings a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge on the subject of the Shroud of Turin, and distills it to a language we can all understand. His presentation is informative and inspiring to the faithful and skeptical alike. The replica of the Shroud is a great addition to his presentation as well. I consider his Shroud Encounter to be one of the highlights of our church’s programming year. I came away with a renewed appreciation for the significance of the shroud.
Rev. Brian Dale, Senior Pastor, Kingswood United Methodist Church, Atlanta

We got more than we bargained for (in a good way) when Russ Breault and his Shroud Encounter came to town this past weekend. I expected, and would have been perfectly happy, for him to present the massive forensic and historical evidence linked to the Shroud. That in itself is a compelling and fascinating story. Russ did this in a delightfully humorous and engaging way. But he did more. He integrated Scripture’s testimony about the Shroud into his presentation. This unexpected dimension of his presentation added to the compelling testimony about the Shroud. Russ brilliantly interwove the essence of the Good News of Jesus Christ, all the while remaining faithful to the forensic and historical evidence that are part and parcel of the Shroud’s story. If you are looking for a compelling way to tell the story of the Shroud of Turin, along with the theology that is its foundation, Russ’s Shroud Encounter is a must-see presentation. A+ for the Shroud Encounter!
Fr. Kevin Maney, St. Augustine Anglican church, Columbus, OH

Shroud Encounter was a great educational experience! The audience responded positively both before and after the workshop. The life-size replica gave a hands on, up front encounter which made the presentation come alive in a more personal way. Other churches should definitely consider hosting Russ and the Shroud Encounter presentation. James Zickfield, Director of Religious Education, Marco Lutheran Church, Marco Island, Fl

I knew that a presentation on the Shroud of Turin would be interesting, but I was not quite prepared to be so thoroughly blown away, astonished and thunder-struck by a literal tour through the fascinating history and mysteriously compelling image of a crucified man on the ancient cloth. Is it Jesus Christ? While it is probably a mistake to say for sure that it is, Russ’s incredible presentation excells in drawing participants into the wonder of that extraordinary possibility. I would hope that anyone who is, either by faith or by pure intellectual interest, intrigued by the life and achievement of the man from Nazareth, would take up this aspect of the mystery and experience Russ Breault’s “Shroud Encounter,” which has had a profound effect on me and my entire congregation. Andrew Abraham, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, NY

Last evening Joy and I and 190 other people gathered at an area Lutheran church and heard, and saw, an AMAZING presentation by Russ Breault on the mystery and scientific examination of THE SHROUD OF TURIN. If you EVER get a change to invest 90 minutes in seeing and hearing his presentation, even if you have to drive some miles, … DO SO! Wow! It makes you think about the meaning of our Christian faith, the event of Good Friday and Easter morning… and what the Bible says about the “linen cloths” in which Jesus was buried! It was intellectually challenging and spiritually stimulating, more than I can describe. It sure touched my heart with the truth of the Christian Faith. I now have the DVD’s … and will view them again! Hope you get to hear Russ Breault soon! Rev. Dr. David Belasic retired (Lutheran) pastor & former (bishop) District President, LCMS Eastern District.

“In one of the best presentations I have ever seen, Russ Breault’s Shroud Encounter offers centuries of facts and explores their corresponding arguments in order to allow each individual to come to his own conclusions.” –Andy Andrews–NY Times Best Selling Author-Motivational Speaker

Over the past 10 years the Areopagus has sponsored nearly a hundred forums on a wide variety of topics related to Christian history, apologetics, contemporary cultural issues, and science-related topics, and I consider Russ Breault’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin to be absolutely superb. Mr. Breault exhibits a thorough understanding of the history, the forensic science, and the apologetical value of this unique artifact, and he delivers his message with passion, insight and humor. It is a captivating presentation, and while he sets forth compelling evidence in support of the Shroud’s authenticity, he avoids the kind of unsubstantiated claims that sometimes accompany such presentations. As a Christian historian and apologist, I appreciate Mr. Breault’s scholarly approach to the subject as well as the conviction with which he uses this phenomenal artifact to validate the Gospel message of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Jefrey D. Breshears, Ph.D., The Areopagus Apologetics Forum, Atlanta, GA

The very fact that we could be having a credible discussion of the historical veracity of a burial shroud that appears to meet all the necessary conditions to be that of Christ is a BIG DEAL because it points to the factual historical roots of our faith. What’s important is that it COULD be that of Jesus. So I would like to applaud Russ on many levels – his scholarship, his command of his material, his presentation style, and most of all his attitude. His presentation is balanced yet compelling. He has an engaging way of bringing his audience around to asking what he would call “the right questions.” Bruce Phillips, Certified Christian Apologetics Instructor—North American Mission Board—Southern Baptist Convention.

“It’s very entertaining. About five minutes into the presentation, my chin dropped, and I don’t think it came back until he was through.”–Al Gardner, First Presbyterian Church, Peachtree City, GA (As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The Shroud Encounter is a great presentation for college students. It brings history, religion, science, logic, and legal reasoning into one lecture. No matter what their thoughts on the subject, the Shroud Encounter will give everyone much to think about, argue about, and investigate for hours. It reminds us of the historical birth, death, and resurrection of Christ, and that we must defend the historical nature of Christianity to a new generation. Tom Knight, Campus Minister, Baptist Campus Ministries, UNC Charlotte

As Director of Campus Ministries and Associate Professor of Christian Studies at Hannibal Lagrange University I often struggle finding speakers that are interesting, people of integrity and present issues that are meaningful to college students. With Russ Breault I found all of these qualities.He kept the attention of the students, faculty and staff and challenged our thinking with both the evidence and the presentation itself. I would recommend Russ as a speaker in any venue that looks for something profound and practical.–Jeffrey D. Brown, PHD, Director of Campus Ministries, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Hannibal-LaGrange University, Hannibal, MO

The presentation by Russ Breault known as Shroud Encounter is spellbinding! His ability to connect with his audience is quite impressive. The amount of detail and research Russ discusses is nothing short of incredible. Our congregation was captivated by his ability to take them on a mental and emotional trip from the first century to today, tracking the most profound artifact connected with Christianity in history. Russ brings the story of the Shroud to life in a way that challenges every listener to search for themselves the truth behind the Shroud of Turin.–Tom Hufty, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Maryville, IL

Shroud Encounter was powerful for my congregation. I have had nothing but positive feedback. To see the factual evidence presented so thoroughly and in such an easy to understand way was wonderful! But the best part was the integration of scripture and the insertion of the narrative of Jesus’ death. We all came away with the amazing realization that we may have, in fact, just looked into the very face of Christ. What a resurrection story, and what a fabulous way to celebrate Easter! Teresa Angle-Young, Pastor, Sacred Tapestry United Methodist Church, Marietta, GA

Russ Breault’s presentation called “Shroud Encounter” was both informative and inspiring. Russ is a compelling speaker who can engage the audience at the heart level. He makes a compelling case for the authenticity of the shroud, but most importantly he lifts high the message of the gospel which is the real message of the Shroud. You will leave “Shroud Encounter” encouraged, educated, and enlightened. I would strongly commend his presentation for your church or organization. –Greg Dills, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Matthews, NC

“No matter where you are in your faith walk, or whether you even have any faith, and regardless of your faith denomination, you will find Russ Breault’s “Shroud Encounter” totally enthralling and compelling. Mr. Breault presents the Shroud of Turin in the context of science, history, research, scripture, physiology, and even Jewish burial tradition all wrapped up in a mystery that continues to baffle modern science. If you have never heard of the Shroud of Turin and want to know more about what millions believe could be the ancient burial cloth of Jesus, you must attend a Shroud Encounter by Russ Breault!”–Myra Adams, Freelance Writer–Attended a Shroud Encounter at First Baptist of Matthews, NC

The response to “Shroud Encounter” was overwhelmingly positive. Even our pastor said you exceeded the high expectation he had for the event. As you know, my Sunday school class sponsored the event (for the church and general public). The collective opinion was we need to have you back! I would also highly encourage any Sunday school class that considers sponsoring the event to schedule you for a private session on Sunday morning. The additional insights were phenomenal. Please use us as a reference. The presentation was appreciated by a multitude of different protestant denominations and Catholics. All came together with a common interest in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even the skeptics found the presentation thought provoking and mentally stimulating. Continue your dedication to educating anyone interested in this very unique artifact of antiquity. Thank you again.–David J Witz, Shepherd Group Leader, First Baptist Church of Matthews, NC

Russ Breault did a great job. I had studied about the Shroud many times but he shared some details that I had never heard before. Details like the dirt, the blood, the blood type, the pollen and the number of wounds on his back. It was like watching Ducky in NCIS giving the details of an autopsy. Everyone that I spoke with loved it! Tony Walliser, Senior Pastor, Silverdale Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Having Russ Breault and the Shroud Encounter was a real delight. His wisdom was able to make the dialogue between faith and science come alive on our campus. We are grateful for his visit. To quote one of our senior students as she was leaving, “I have been coming here all four years and this may be the most memorable thing that I did while in college.” James R. Mohr, Campus Chaplain, Westminster College

I have to say I am so pleased at Wednesday’s Shroud of Turin presentation that I am almost beside myself with joy! We have been riding the momentum from that night ever since, even to the point that our leadership meeting the next day was focused on reaching out to the campus more. His presentation was so powerful, so cohesive, so balanced between rational truth, science, logic, and faith, that I was moved many times. I was blown away afresh at the way the old, old story came to life. I liked the Q & A session as much as the presentation. So many great questions showed people were really paying attention to the material. And they were mostly college students!! Anyone who works with the wonderful folks of this age range knows they will not pay attention to anything not done well, or that does not keep their attention. The presentation was a seamless presentation of science, scripture, forensics, history, first century culture and Jewish burial practices, all clearly illustrated with pictures and bullet points on the PowerPoint presentation, that he kept their attention for a solid hour and thirty minutes (plus Q & A). One of the EKU professors said, “I was amazed at how few people even got up and left. If you have been to the other lectures on campus, most students leave before the halfway mark.” I guess they were as rapt as I was. And I gained a brother in Russ Breault. What a humble, gifted, focused servant. I will always be on his team. And I want to work to bring Russ to other campuses. Yes, we paid a good fee to have Russ fly here to do this presentation. But it was worth ten times that!! Ken Southgate, Campus Minister, Wesleyan Foundation

“I was extremely impressed with Russ Breault and Shroud Encounter. We had a very good crowd for a secular university and you could have heard a pin drop during the whole presentation. My own students were blown away by the whole thing. I liked the way he came at the subject from so many diverse angles, incorporating all related academic disciplines: science, history, art and religion. Some grad students and professors came to the program with skepticism that his science would be selective and not supported by peer review or supported by majority opinions. However, I think even the most skeptical were impressed with the extent and fairness of his research. It was obvious Mr.Breault had faced those same questions many times before and he handled the crowd very respectfully and wisely.In a word, I thought it was GREAT!” Rev. Scott Wilkinson, United Methodist Campus Minister, East Carolina University

It was GREAT having Russ Breault share Shroud Encounter with the Roberts Wesleyan College community. Here are a few comments from both students and faculty:

“I’m so glad that you had Russ Breault come. I didn’t know anything about the Shroud. I’ve gone to church forever and never heard of it before.” —– “LOVED the CSI approach! Russ Breault really knew his stuff. I was surprised to learn so much!”—— “One of the best school events of the year!”

“I enjoyed the thoroughness of the presentation, the speaker came at it from every angle. I never knew so much could be gleaned from pollen dust!”—– “I appreciated the exploration of the scriptures showing how well the Shroud correlates with the Biblical message.”
Jonathan Bratt, Campus Chaplain, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! I am grateful for every aspect of the experience. I value the opportunity we had to make Russ Breault’s acquaintance and the possibility to see the students of TCS benefit from his passionate research on the Shroud. The students and staff were academically stimulated by his skillful ability, personal passion, historic documentation and insightful application. I heartily recommend Mr. Russ Breault and Shroud Encounter. –Dean Demos, Headmaster, Trinity School, Sharpsburg, Georgia

“I’ve seen Mr. Breault’s Shroud Encounter presentation several times over the years and each is more fascinatingthan the last. His presentation is not only factual but fascinating as well. He ably shares continuing professional knowledge in the field of Shroud research and kept our congregation involved and on the edge of their seats throughout the evening. Tremendous and top notch in every respect.”–Dr. Curt Pedder, Grace Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX

Your lecture and media presentation were excellent. You are very energetic and you certainlyknow your subject. You brought so many new facets to consider. And I liked the way you wove the scientific data together with history. Our thanks to you for bringing Shroud Encounter to us at Oak Grove United Methodist Church. -Mary Lou Gilbert, Associate Pastor, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Decatur, GA

“Russ’s presentation of Shroud Encounter is first-rate, professional, and engaging. His status as a genuine expert on the Shroud is clear and his information well researched and documented. We had a tremendous response from the community. And, although the evidence for its authenticity is very compelling, the focus is not on converting people to a belief in the Shroud… I recommend Russ without hesitation.” –Terry Long, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Breault and Shroud Encounter was a bracing experience for our church and our community. From his exhaustive knowledge of the topic to the revealing multi-media presentation, all was gripping! Rev. Dr. Alan W. McBride, Orange Beach United Methodist Church, Orange Beach, AL

“In several different lectures Mr Breault addressed the question whether the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus or a medieval hoax, and explored how science and history meet to probe the world’s greatest mystery – the image on a piece of cloth. His expertise on the topic was recognized, and his lectures were well attended…delighted to have Mr Russ Breault participate…we look forward to future events… ” –Phillip H. Wiebe, PhD, Trinity Western University, Vancouver BC

“Mesmerizing! Russ Breault managed to captivate a national radio and television audience by weaving together a fascinating discussion about the Shroud of Turin. I know our audience, watching on FamilyNet television affiliates and listening on Sirius Satellite radio, found it educational and engrossing. Breault’s expertise as both a shroud scholar and a serious student of the Bible helped put this endearing story into its proper historical, scientific and religious perspectives. But on top of that, he spoke so passionately about a subject that has dominated his life for nearly three decades that he transformed it into a wonderfully personal journey. He’s welcome back on “Mornings” anytime.” –Larry Estepa, Host/Producer, “Mornings With Lorri and Larry” FamilyNet and Sirius Radio

Russ is a thorough, engaging guest with a fascinating topic. He can discuss the Shroud of Turin from a scientific, historical and faith-based perspective. He not only is interesting, he generated calls from our listening and viewing audience. We’d definitely have him back. — Lorri Allen, Host/Producer, “Mornings With Lorri and Larry” FamilyNet and Sirius Radio