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nationwide Church Tour

Shroud Encounter

Nationwide CHURCH Tour

Along with colleges and universities that may have a more academic focus, Mr. Breault also takes Shroud Encounter to churches across the country.

It is a unique and dramatic opportunity to experience the central truths of Christianity while exploring this profound mystery. Audience response is phenomenal.

FEES: Fees are reasonable and will accommodate most budgets.

CSI Jerusalem (The Case of the Missing Body)

A full documentation of the scientific evidence and the historical trail that. PLUS a complete analysis of the Shroud as it relates to Scripture, a detailed depiction of the crucifixion ordeal, analysis of what may have happened in the tomb, during the resurrection and an exploration of the post-resurrection body concluding with a study of Doubting Thomas and how his story embodies the message of the Shroud. Appealing to both mind and heart, it is a compelling and inspiring presentation.

The Day the Shroud Foiled HITLER!

A fascinating look at the seven years when the Shroud was removed from Turin and brought to a monastery south of Rome to keep it away from Hitler. It documents Hitler’s obsession with the occult, how he acquired the Spear of Longinus, his search for the Holy Grail, and how his henchmen came within 20 feet of stealing the Shroud but came away empty handed.

Seven Secrets of the Sacred Shroud

Beyond science and history lies the theology of the Shroud. This presentation focuses on seven concepts from theology and apologetics supporting the Shroud’s probable authenticity.

Includes: The Mystery, The Witness, When is a Scorch not a Scorch, Transformation, Theology of Linen, The Face, and The Receipt. The concepts are powerful and will raise faith to new heights.


This presentation explores the Shroud from the standpoint of art. The presentation explores how the Shroud influenced Byzantine art beginning the 6th century. It also looks at medieval art and how it may compare to the Shroud. It looks at art techniques, substances and process. Could the Shroud simply be the work of an artist? Artists and art historians all say no!

Secrets of the Man Clothed in Linen

A fascinating look at Ezekiel 9 and Daniel 12. Who is the “Man Clothed in Linen?” He only appears twice in scripture. Could it be Jesus? How does it relate to the Shroud? Does it contain a prophetic message for our time?

Unmasking Evolution

What your biology textbook forgot to tell you.

What can science truly determine regarding origins and what remains a matter of faith? Do we exist as the culmination of several trillion perfectly timed accidents of chance? Can random chance and natural selection—a process that by definition is unguided, undirected with no plan and no purpose really account for all the complexity, order and design seen in all living organisms? Perhaps there is another view that fits with the facts and scripture. Age of the earth is not considered (no-one knows how long a “day” may be).

A Guided Tour of the Kingdom

An exploration of near death experiences and the wonderful realm that awaits your arrival!

This inspiring and hopeful presentation looks at numerous documented Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and explores the many common elements. In the era of modern medicine, thousands of people who may have died on the operating table are later revived to tell of phenomenal experiences with angels, lost loved ones and Jesus. Actual testimony is combined with the words of Scripture to make this a powerful faith builder. A big screen experience using over 100 images.

From the Upper Room to the Empty Tomb

What REALLY Happened

This is not directly related to the Shroud but to the events surrounding the crucifixion. It is a behind-the-scenes look at how Satan was involved and how Father and Son beat the enemy at his own game. You will never look at those events the same way again.