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Catholic References

The Shroud Encounter presented by Russ Breault at the Newman Catholic Center at the University of Massachusetts was amazing. The professors in attendance enjoyed the empirical data and found the evidence compelling. The visual presentation was well done and greatly enhanced the experience. Having the life size replica of the Shroud present during the presentation made it even more effective. One would have thought you were actually in Turin with the actual Shroud. Father Gary Daily, Director, Newman Catholic Center, UMass-Amherst

Russ Breault’s “Shroud Encounter” was the largest attended event in our Catholic Student Center Hall that I have ever witnessed. Over 550 people packed into the room and were mesmerized by his presentation. For weeks afterwards I heard from different people how much they enjoyed it and how much it helped increase their faith. After his presentation, I could clearly understand why he is in such high demand as a speaker. Father Bryce Sibley, Catholic Student Center, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The St.Frederick High School students and parents were treated to a wonderful thrill recently when we were able to hear Russ Breault’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin. The entertaining and informative presentation was incredible and I would recommend it to all school leaders.
Dr. Bob Webber, Principal, St. Frederick High School, Monroe, LA

We were blessed to bring Russ and the Shroud Encounter experience to our parish. We had a full church and everyone in attendance was in awe for 90 minutes as the mysteries of the Shroud were revealed right before their eyes. This experience really struck with our members and they were so grateful to have the Shroud Encounter come to our parish. We highly recommend it and hope to bring Russ back for another presentation in the near future!
Megan Lowes, Pastoral Associate for Saint Clarence Parish, Cleveland, OH

The Shroud Encounter was truly an encounter with history, faith and science! Seeing the life-size replica really helped me see the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus in a way I never have before. Hearing the story of the shroud and seeing the replica really brought the man in the shroud to life. Hearing the scientist’s discoveries and conclusions was incredible. What a beautiful gift to humanity and the concept of the “receipt” seems quite accurate. Spreading the word of this “receipt” is a ministry that we all should engage in – the world needs to know!
Tara Splonskowski, Staff Associate, St. Paul’s Newman Center, NDSU, Fargo ND

My parish hosted “The Shroud Encounter”, presented by Russ Breault. I can say unconditionally that it was a great success, on many levels. First, Russ made my job as sponsor really easy. He provided excellent materials that allowed me to “market” the presentation to both our parish and the surrounding community. These included images that were directly converted to poster sized announcements, and ready to go press releases that were easily included in local papers. As a result of our outreach, we had a large crowd that included many people from outside the parish. Russ customized the materials to the particulars of our presentation (date, location, etc) and was very responsive and helpful.

The presentation was absolutely fantastic and very well received. Russ has a very entertaining speaking style, moving through a lot of material smoothly. And what material! This is a man who has spent his adult life studying this relic of our Lord, and we were all captivated. Russ covered the history, the science and the intrigue … like a good detective story. We all walked away with a faith filled sense of wonder and awe.
Judy Rudderow, Event Organizer and Sponsor, Lambertville, NJ

“Russ Breault did a wonderful job presenting a concise and extensive exposition on the Shroud of Turin. It truly was a great evening. We had many compliments from parishioners with comments such as, “One of the most insightful events I’ve been to yet” and “I can now say that I firmly believe that this cloth is the true burial cloth of Jesus.” It was a delight working with Russ and we hope to do it again in the future.”
Cody Egner, ChM, Regional Director of Religious Education, St. Anthony ~ St. Cecilia ~ St. Margaret-St. John, Cincinnati, OH

Russ has an engaging presentation style and his high quality and numerous images captivates an audience from beginning to end. Feedback from attendees was outstanding. To promote the event Russ provides excellent marketing materials and his availability to help with communication ideas was greatly appreciated. Jim Yates, Knights of Columbus Father Frank Jones Council 11866, St. Matthias the Apostle, Magnolia Texas

A paragraph may not be enough. The presentation was fantastic!!! The immediate response was a standing ovation. I cannot remember any event in the past where people were literally glued to every word. The display of the shroud replica and the photo-negatives in the lobby really helped people understand the gravity of the talk. The images were superb, and very professionally explained. I have already recommended the program to two other Churches. Deacon Dan Whitaker, Director of Religious Education, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama.

The Shroud Encounter was spectacular. Seeing the presentation twice enabled me to absorb much more of the data about the Shroud. Russ was factual, yet funny. He held the audience in the palm of his hand. Just today, there were reports about work on the Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Combining that with what I learned from the Shroud presentation, the Resurrection is much more tangible in my faith life. Fr. Dave Baranowski, Pastor, St. James Church, Rocky Hill, CT

“Russ Breault is an excellent presenter. The program lasted 90 minutes and we took a 10-minute break halfway through. Absolutely no one left. The whole experience was validating of my faith and others.” Fr. Thomas McDermott, OP Pastor, St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church, River Forest, IL

The Shroud Encounter was a fantastic success! Over 800 people attended and at least half of the audience was from outside the parish because they had heard about the event through various marketing materials that Russ provides. (This was a huge help in coordinating this event.) The presentation was dynamic and thought-provoking, with a great mix of history, facts and spirituality. Russ presents in a compelling way, yet leaves everyone free to make up their own minds about the Shroud. He is clear, easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to. He can customize his presentation to reach adults down to middle-school age children. I continued to hear great feedback a week after the event. We would definitely do another event with Russ. Amy Allert, M.Th., Dir. Adult, Family & Young Adult Ministry, St. Louis Catholic Church, Austin TX

Thank you for a fantastic event! Our Shroud Encounter event had about half the crowd come from surrounding parishes, the local Orthodox parish, and many Protestants. Russ is able to reach the entire diverse crowd. I expected Russ to be an expert on the shroud, but I was pleasantly surprised how well-versed he is in Scripture and Tradition. It was a wonderful event that not only helped many understand the shroud, but I believe helped deepen their faith in Christ. Deacon Regi, St Anthony Catholic Church, Florence, SC

Russ Breault was invited for a two day presentation. Saturday was “CSI Jerusalem: The Case of the Missing Body”. Sunday was “Seven Secrets of the Sacred Shroud” and “The Day the Shroud Foiled Hitler”. All three presentations are spiritually moving, inspiring, educational and were concluded with standing ovations by all those in attendance. After Russ’ 30 years of investigation, his ecumenical approach to The Shroud of Turin gives the faithful hope, and will peak the curiosity of those with doubts or questions. As quoted by our Pastor, Fr. Timothy Whalen, and so many others, “THAT was POWERFUL”! Norma Todorowski, Evangelization Leader, St Mary of the Assumption, Glenshaw, PA

On behalf of all the Knights I would like to thank you for an uplifting experience that brought everyone closer to Christ. I was so pleased with the tearful joy of the participants. I was amazed at all I did not know about the Shroud. You didn’t tell anyone it was the Shroud that covered Jesus. However, there isn’t a person in that room that now doubts whether it was Jesus who was under that Shroud! I firmly believe that every participants’ life has now been lifted up to a whole new level with a reinvigorated hope and trust in our faith! Mark Kollar, Warden, Knights of Columbus Council 7331, Serving St Norbert, St Philip and Our Lady of the Brook, Northbrook, IL

Our Shroud Encounter weekend was a fantastic event! Each presentation (seven in all) were truly enlightening. The presentations were fast paced and entertaining; Russ Breault is passionate and engaging about the subject and able to present it in various ways to reach the specific interests of the audiences. We have received only positive feedback about the content of the presentations. Thank you, Russ, for making Shroud Encounter not only available, but affordable and easy for us to bring to our community! Linda Durante, Executive Director, Bishop DeFalco Retreat Center, Amarillo, TX

I want to thank you for the recent presentation at our parish. Those who attended constantly go out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed it, seeing a life-size replica and most of all your faith-filled, historical informational style and sincerity about your study over the last 30 years. I don’t remember when I have seen 500+ people captivated for almost two hours! Fr. Mark Heuberger, Pastor, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Bradenton, FL

After many years, I have finally met Mr. Russ Breault- the highly sought after renowned speaker of The Shroud Encounter!!! You may have seen him on The History Channel and recently on Good Morning America! His presentation left me speechless!!! This was a night I will never forget! Thank you Mr. Breault! Cheree Gomez, Author of Glitz, Glamour and God

“The shroud encounter presentation was incredible! In a parish that might only get 100 people to attend an event, we had almost 500 people there! The presentation was dynamic and kept everyone’s interest the entire time. Not only was it scientifically informative, it was also faith filled and enhanced the attendee’s faith. It was one of the best events we have held in our parish in the past few years. We will be doing it again.” Deacon David Dawson, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Baton Rouge

This was a wonderful program, enjoyed by many from Mother Teresa Parish as well as around the city, including some non-Catholic folks. The information was presented in a very fluid manner and very professionally.
I received many comments in appreciation about how you added a spiritual aspect to the science of the Shroud; it gave them something to think about and share with others. Mary Zachariasen—DRE, Mother Teresa Catholic Church, Topeka, KS

Shroud Encounter was a deep blessing for our parish. The presentation is an amazing encounter with the risen Christ. It renews in the mind and heart the awareness of the paschal mystery while also flooding them with joy and excitement at the glory of God. Russ is an engaging and dynamic speaker, well versed in the topic and well suited for this work. Tina Marie Miller, Holy Family Catholic Parish, Director of Pastoral Care and Parish Life, Caledonia, MI

Shroud Encounter was informative -actually more like spell binding! It was scientific in its content and at the same time very spiritual and inspiring. You did not short change or back away from the controversies surrounding the Shroud, but went through them in an orderly way one by one. I was expecting a great talk and you exceeded my expectations! Deacon Dick Corwin, St Stevens, Sun Lakes, AZ

The Shroud Encounter was one of the most successful events we have had in years in our parish. People from all faiths (and no faith) came as a result of an article in the city newspaper and everyone was touched by the awe and wonder of the Shroud. The presentation was engaging, entertaining, intellectually challenging and inspiring. I recommend this event to everyone. Deacon Jay Dallas, St. Teresa’s Church, Albany, Ga

Russ Breault presented the material in a crisp matter of fact manner presenting scientific evidence in detail without overpowering those present. The assembly was informed, entertained, enlightened, and challenged. Faith, logic and science all intertwined for the benefit of those present. It was clear that the audience was captured for the entire presentation. Parish members indicated that the Shroud Encounter was one of best presentations ever given at St. Augustine’s. The last 15 minute wrap up was an articulate and passionate call to faith and belief in the presence of the Lord both historically and religiously. Paul C. Citarella – Adult Faith Formation Team, St. Augustine Parish, New City, New York.

No matter how much you think you know about the Shroud, Russ’ presentation gives you more and deeper insight into this mystery of our Christian faith than one could imagine. Clear and fast-moving, Russ’ presentation kept you excited and wanting even more understanding into this marvel of Christianity. Well worth your time.” Fr. Bill Cosgrove, St. Augustine, New City​, NY

“I can’t speak highly enough about the Shroud Encounter. Russ Breault’s presentation is a methodical, clear presentation of facts that open the mind and ultimately touch the heart. I have either taught or studied ancient languages most of my life and thus, the Shroud of Turin has always fascinated me. I thought I knew the subject until I met Russ and heard his presentation. I learned so much. His knowledge is surpassed only by his ability to make that knowledge available to his hearers. My parishioners have been coming to me for weeks telling me how much the Shroud Encounter meant to them.” Fr. Rich Simon, Pastor St. Lambert’s Skokie Illinois

I am so glad we had the Shroud Encounter come to our parish! The presentation was certainly inspiring, not to mention informative. It has been several days since the Shroud Encounter and parishioners are still talking about it. I think you are right on suggesting that the Shroud could be better appreciated as the” “receipt” for the price Jesus paid. Again, thanks for inspiring me and our parishioners. All the best to you in your ministry to spread understanding about the Shroud to more and more people everywhere. Msgr John Frey, St Brendan the Navigator, Avalon, NJ

Thank you for a wonderful presentation! People are still talking about it! I think the replica was an important part of the experience. Overall Shroud Encounter is an inspiring and informative covering both historical and scientific information all encompassed in faith. Mr. Breault’s passion and enthusiasm about the mystery of the Shroud is contagious; leaving the audience wanting more!” Michelle Harris, Pastoral Minister, St. Francis de Sales Parish, Salisbury, MD

Shroud Encounter brings the mystery of the Resurrection to light. Russ Breault in an intriguing and captivating presentation leads you through the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. It is a message of a living encounter with the Jesus Christ. In an illuminating journey through the faith, the science, and the history surrounding the Shroud, Mr. Breault explores and discovers with his listeners the saving message the Shroud brings to our times. Through Shroud Encounter our parish community grew stronger in the faith of the Crucified and Risen Lord. This is an absolute must see event when it comes to your area! Fr. Ryan Moravitz, Pastor and Vocations Director in the Diocese of Duluth, MN

On Wednesday evening over 400 people attended the Shroud Encounter presentation in the Kent Center. It was truly an amazing presentation, surpassing my expectations.For almost 90 minutes, Russ Breault, an expert on the Shroud, held our attention and captivated us with his facts and insights. The reaction of those present was rapt attention. The comments made afterwards were all glowing. It was indeed a moving experience. Father Tim Vowels, Incarnate Word Parish, Chesterfield, MO

Over 800 people were held spellbound last Sunday afternoon at St. Timothy Catholic Church as world expert Russ Breault delivered a program on the history and investigation of the Shroud of Turin. Mr. Breault presented in a manner reminiscent of a CSI investigation following clue after clue.As the crowd was leaving, many people expressed how the time flew by as they were thoroughly engrossed in the program. Patrick Kennedy, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Villages, FL

Shroud Encounter is an engaging and informative presentation! Our students were intrigued and attentive throughout the event. Our evening presentation for parents and other community members provided even more depth. Russ Breault brought tremendous information and insight in a fast-moving presentation that provoked great thought for all in attendance. I appreciate that he took questions from the audience – people really wanted to know more! We look forward to having him back again in the future! Kristie Wolfe, President-Principal, Fr. Tolton Catholic High School, Columbia, MO

Shroud Encounter was a fascinating presentation that fully engaged the students and faculty in attendance. It also fostered deep discussion long after the event. Russ Breault’s presentation style, including the use of Scripture combined with scientific evidence, was very fitting for our university setting. It helped our students come to a better understanding of one of the Church’s greatest symbols of the Paschal Mystery. Annie Ombrello, Campus Minister, St. Joseph Newman Center, Bradley University, Peoria

Russ Breault gave a compelling presentation on the Shroud of Turin to hundreds of people of all ages. The response was wonderful! He was up to date with new evidence revealed in 2011 and 2013. Many people had not looked at the Shroud as a reflection of the scriptures–showing relevance to the past, present and future. It was a high energy, professional presentation that helped people to understand the central message of the Catholic faith. People were enthusiastic to share what they had just experienced and were grateful for the opportunity. Having the replica to view was an added plus. It really helped bring the shroud to life seeing the full size image up close. Marty Harris, Director of Religious Education, Saint Simon and Jude, West Chester, PA

People continue to come up me to thank me brining Shroud Encounter to our church. Russ Breault delivered a fast-paced program that was enlightening, inspiring and educational. He presented the technical aspects in a clear easy to understand manner. The presentation was well paced and contained enough light and humorous moments to keep it moving while remaining respectful. I had sufficient time to view the Shroud replica prior to the presentation and thought I understood it. But I was able to see much more in it after the talk. Shroud Encounter exceeded all our expectations! Jay Ambrose, Grand Knight, Christ the King Council of the Knights of Columbus, Mashpee MA

Great presentation! Thank you for the insightful and informative evening–truly inspired by the compelling evidence. Our youth pastor wrote me and said, “It was awesome on Saturday!!!! It deepened my faith as I stared at the Shroud replica. Truly amazing!!! ” Claudette Lussier, Pastoral Assistant, St. James Church, Manville, Rhode


I wasn’t sure what to expect for the Shroud Encounter. Sure, I had seen the reviews, watched the Youtube videos, but what would this presentation really be like? ALL of my expectations were exceeded on this presentation. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for hosting this event on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Some even said it was the best thing they have ever witnessed on campus! Truly, a phenomenal presentation. Even though Russ has given this presentation countless times, he treated us as if we were his only audience. What a great way to present and keep our attention the entire time. When I was leaving, what impressed me was that students continued to talk about the presentation and linger…it was as if we were in the presence of something holy (regarding lifesize replica), even though a representation…still a link to why we are here in the first place. I am so glad we brought the Shroud Encounter to campus. We will make this a part of our experience every 4 years. Well worth every single penny! Father Timothy Biren, St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Assoc, Minnesota State University, Mankato


It is very rare that someone is able to grab my attention for an hour and a half straight without loosing it, Russ did just that with his Shroud Encounter event. It was one of the most interesting events I have ever seen! The students at Newman couldn’t stop talking about it. A must see for anyone interested in going deeper in their faith. A great reminder of the sacrifice of Christ. Joe Bakken, Campus Minister, St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center

See the pictures they posted to their Facebook Page

Link to local newspaper article:

“Russ Breault of Shroud Encounter exceeded all expectations. We are involved with bringing in a number of speakers across our listening area. None has generated as much excitement as Shroud Encounter. After Russ spoke, we repeatedly heard “When are you bringing Russ back?” Russ is THEE expert on the Shroud and speaks in such a clear, concise and interesting way. The visual presentation was stunning. He leads you on an adventure across time. Many in the audience commented on Russ’ great speaking voice and said they could listen to him for hours. No one presents the facts concerning the shroud better. ” Jim Carroll, Executive Director, Spirit Catholic Radio Network, Omaha

“The Shroud Encounter is a tremendous presentation. Russ Breault does an outstanding job of taking the audience through the history, science and mystery of the Shroud. This is a ‘MUST ATTEND’ conference for believers and skeptics alike!” Bernie Schaefer, Development Director, Spirit Catholic Radio, Omaha

Working with Russ Breault was truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. Russ is incredibly enthusiastic, engaging, and personable. He brings this same level of energy and commitment to his interactive presentation. Russ’s style of presenting the evidence of the Shroud was inclusive, allowing those from both faith perspectives and science perspectives to feel they were represented in the presentation. I appreciated Russ’s approach to his work and to his dedication to learning. I was completely wrapped up in the historical tracing of the Shroud of Turin’s journey as well as the intriguing scientific presentation of facts and historical references. I look forward to continued work with Russ and can confidently recommend his program and his work to others. –Liza Talusan, Director of Intercultural Affairs, Stonehill College

“Russ Breault’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin, from start to finish, was professional and met the standards of highest academia, as witnessed to by the reactions of the cross section of Georgia Tech students, graduate students, and faculty present. He started off capturing the attention of all, and never lost it throughout the evening. Russ’s deep knowledge of the material, from the earliest history to the most modern research, was succinctly presented, without missing the critical connection of the major points that bring the mystery of the Shroud into clearest focus. Those who had never heard of the Shroud of Turin prior to their attendance, walked away amazed and thoroughly moved…those who had heard, were gratefully further grounded in its power. The rare life-sized replica of the Shroud made for a tremendous backdrop that, even for those of us who had seen the original, brought the whole night to completeness! Your investment in this encounter will return a hundred fold in the contacts, connections, and conversions it brings forth in your community.” Father Kevin Peek, Chaplain, GA Tech Catholic Center, Atlanta

Holy Spirit Church hosted a program entitled “The Shroud Encounter” with Russ Breault. We advertised for a few weeks ahead and made announcements to get people excited. The day of the event, we really were not sure how many people would come, but we set up 650 chairs for the event. Every seat was filled! In fact several people had to stand. And what a program it was! Russ was very witty and did an excellent job. The program was intriguing, thought provoking, and very exciting! Each person was allowed to make up his or her mind as to the truth behind the Shroud. The evidence was presented thoroughly and methodically. The program was enhanced by a replica of the Shroud of Turin. Many of our parishioners spent quite a bit of time looking at it up close. Having the replica there enabled people to really take a close look at what the Shroud actually looks like in person. It was invaluable. Our parishioners really enjoyed this program! Several people came to me personally to tell me how grateful they were to have come. I highly recommend every church and especially Catholic Churches to bring this presentation to their congregations. You will be very glad that you did. It was truly amazing!
Tracy Finke, Director of Religious Education, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Huntsville, AL

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how pleased we were with the Shroud Encounter event. Thanks to your promotional materials and site specific video, the attendance exceeded our expectations. And thanks to your excellent presentation, our parishioners are still talking about the Shroud Encounter – weeks after the event. Despite what many already knew about the Shroud of Turin, its history and controversy, I’m sure everyone in attendance discovered new information and facets about the Shroud that were not widely known except by the experts. The incredible historical documents in the fields of science, history and the arts supporting the age and origin of the Shroud continues to astound the skeptics and strengthen the faith of believers. Well done!!–Steve Litz, Business Manager, St. Andrew the Apostle Church, Drexel Hill, PA

“The presentation by world-renowned expert Russ Breault was amazing! Captivating, historically accurate, humorous at times, faith-building and enlightening—this presentation only cemented my faith and the connection it has to the Shroud of Turin. Connecting actual historical events, the Gospels, even the Stations of the Cross and our Catholic Church teachings and traditions—Mr. Breault made a case for looking at the Shroud of Turin with eyes of faith and seeing that faith and reason—faith and science—are not opponents but rather “dance partners” in that science is the search for truth—and the Faith of Jesus Christ is the ultimate Truth. Learning that the pope is the owner of the Shroud we come to understand that it is truly a gift from God to help reveal the mystery of His Divine Life to us. If you missed this presentation—it truly is your loss.” Father Michael Whyte, Pastor, Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, West Simsbury, CT

“The Shroud Encounter was a most dynamic and fascinating presentation. Bringing Church history and our Judeo-Christian roots, as well as archeological, theological and Scriptural sources, there were many answers to the questions our parishioners wondered about. Both the images and the research were outstanding. Our church was filled to capacity, including over 140 high school students from our parish and neighboring parishes. Everyday, someone who attended the Shroud Encounter is telling me how much they enjoyed the presentation and that they continue to think about the possibility that, indeed, the Shroud of Turin may be the actual burial cloth of Jesus. Russ was able to synthesize the many pieces of the puzzle that make up the mystery of the Shroud of Turin in a way that was accessible to all who attended.” Kathi Bonner, Director of Religious Education, Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, West Simsbury, CT

I am very happy with how things turned out. Russ Breault’s talks were very motivational, faith based and provided us with a fascinating historical overview of the Shroud’s history and some of the major discoveries science has made which point to the Shroud’s authenticity. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Some comments we have received: “I had been skeptical however it has deepened my faith which is major.” “Very moving and will last a lifetime in my memory.”–Father Gary Schlack, Pastor, Blessed Sacrament Church, Kitchner, Ontario, Canada

My parishioners and I waited with eager anticipation for your presentation on the Shroud of Turin last Saturday. We were not disappointed! You presented this mystery from every possible angle and point of view. The presentation was informative, interesting, educational, logical and easily understood. Your commentary was a perfect complement to the more than 200 images that were shown. My parishioners are still talking about the experience, and continue to thank me for bringing “The Shroud Encounter” to our parish. May God continue to bless you as you enlighten the world about this precious artifact!— Fr. Stan Rataj’, Pastor, Our Lady of the Snows, Chicago, IL

Thank you for coming to present Shroud Encounter at Georgia Tech! We received a lot of positive feedback. While there is so much to learn about the Shroud, you were able to pare it down into a concise and informative presentation. As a technical institute, our students like facts and evidence. You laid out the case for the Shroud without interjecting your opinion and challenged the audience to make their own conclusions. We highly recommend this presentation! Joanie Gross, Development Director, Georgia Tech Catholic Center

“Russ has a gift for making the mystery of the Shroud accessible and relevant to a new generation through his engaging facts-based approach, which wowed the many science-focused students of Johns Hopkins. Shroud Encounter has planted a seed of dialogue between science and faith within the Hopkins academic community which will continue to bear fruit over time. It was a great talk and a wonderful evening.” Andrew Guernsey, Event Coordinator, JHU Catholic Community

The Shroud is no doubt an artifact of the Resurrection. The enormous amount of evidence you presented during Shroud Encounter points to that fact. It gives testimony and evidence to the claims that the historical Jesus and the Jesus of faith are the same person, and it sheds light on the fact that it is reasonable to believe in Christ’s claims that he truly came into the world to die for all. Shroud Encounter also confirms that all sciences are ordered to the one truth. The only evidence that would be greater than the shroud and capable of giving grace is the Eucharist, because it needs no evidence to prove its validity. The Eucharist is the passion, death, & resurrection of our Lord and the Shroud points to the same mystery and the fullness of the faith. Only by faith can we believe in this transcendental mystery. It is my hope that all believers and non-believers come to the knowledge of God’s love for all through the Shroud. Thank you again for your presentation, and blessings on your ministry! –Rev. Dominic Joseph Bump, OP, Asst. Chaplain of Johns Hopkins University, Saint Philip and James University Parish, Baltimore, MD

Russ Breault’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin truly astonishes! He has a talent for taking a very complicated historical phenomenon and explaining it simply and clearly to his audience…exceedingly educational. We were happy to host Mr. Breault. Whatever your personal opinion is about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, everyone can learn a lot from Mr. Breault’s presentation. Joanna Pressimone, Director of Student Activities, Alvernia University

Listening to Mr. Breault’s systematic discussion of the history and science of the Shroud of Turin had me on the edge of my seat. Methodically, scientifically and with energy and humor, he shared information from both sides of the mystery, and the visuals made the presentation come alive. Looking around at the audience of more than 200 people, I could see that I was not the only one riveted by this lesson in history, science, and faith. Lina Barbieri, Public Relations Consultant, DeSales University

I thought I had read, seen and heard all there was on the Shroud of Turin but that all changed with the presentation by Russ Breault at DeSales University. His explanation of the science, history and art of the Shroud gave his audience a unique perspective and his delivery of the facts based in scripture bordered on genius. If you have the chance to see him speak grab it with both hands! Lore Mcfadden-Westwood, Event Coordinator, DeSales University

Russ Breault’s presentation was unbelievable! Our audience was captivated. We cannot thank him enough. Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S., Director, Salesian Center for Faith and Culture

My experience with the Shroud Encounter was eye-opening! I thought I knew a lot about the Shroud of Turin already, but Shroud Encounter allowed me to view things from a research point of view. I gained a lot of respect for the work that has gone into analyzing the Shroud. I found speaking with Russ Breault to be extremely informative, and he was very easy to speak with! What stood out to me most was his statement that “The Shroud can never be proven absolutely and therefore can never replace faith”. All of the students I spoke with had similar responses–they were impressed with the presentation and that it made them see things in a totally different way. I appreciate his dedication to educating people on such a wonderful mystery! Megan Chicoine, Writer for Student Newspaper, Mount Aloysius College, Cresson, PA

We hosted Russ Breault’s “Shroud Encounter” on a Sunday afternoon during Lent when we thought we might attract folks from nearby parishes and even from our neighboring Protestant churches (which we did). The presentation covered the subject most thoroughly. To contemplate the Passion of the Man of the Shroud during Lent was of deep spiritual benefit to our people. I would highly recommend Mr. Breault’s presentation to other priests or pastors. Fr. Charles Byrd, Our Lady of the Mountains, Jasper, GA

Shroud Encounter was an outstanding presentation at our college. The audience was certainly intrigued by the mystery, the scientific investigation and the history of what may be the burial cloth of Jesus. Even members of the audience who knew about the Shroud came away with new information and new theories surrounding the importance of this linen cloth. Russ Breault was both informative and entertaining! People in the audience experienced a thrilling ride! William McGovern, Director of Catholic Campus Ministries, Sussex County Community College, Newton, NJ

“Is the man on the Shroud of Turin Jesus of Nazareth, flogged, crucified, and risen? Russ Breault is a powerful ‘witness for the defense.’ Shroud Encounter is a dynamic, tour de force of investigation into history, forensics, art, science, and faith. Blessed John Paul called faith and reason ‘two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.’ Shroud Encounter invites the rationalist skeptic to fly with both wings. It invites the believer to fall to the knees and exclaim, ‘My Lord and My God!’ Highly recommended for high school, college, and adult audiences.” Todd R. Flanders, Ph.D., Headmaster, Providence Academy, Plymouth, Minnesota

Russ Breault’s presentation, “Shroud Encounter,” was terrific! The details concerning the Shroud were very thoroughly presented. Several students and staff remarked, “I didn’t even know the Shroud was a picture of the whole of Christ’s body. I thought it was just of his head.”The scientific studies undertaken in the last fifty years, concerning the Shroud, have revealed much about its origin. Mr Breault brings all of that to light, and with the passion of a man in love with Christ, and grateful for His saving death and resurrection. I highly encourage all to take advantage of this great opportunity.— Fr Michael Becker, Rector, St John Vianney Seminary, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

I was very impressed with Russ Breault’s presentation. He engaged and captivated our audience. His program was well researched and presented. I would highly recommend the Shroud Encounter for any audience! Vanessa Walsh, Retreat & Communications Coordinator, Office of Campus Ministry, University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis

Shroud Encounter was everything we hoped for. We drew a large, eclectic crowd: students, faculty, families, churches and other members from our College Consortium. Russ Breault had a lively presentation that kept the audience engaged. He was knowledgeable, objective and often humorous. The responses I’ve received have all been positive. Student comments include: “Great program last night!”, and “With all my homework I wasn’t sure if I could make it, I’m so glad I did!” We are hoping to bring Mr. Breault back in a couple of years to reach the next round of students. James Rizza, Director of Campus Ministry, Assumption College, Worcester, MA

At the opening of Shroud Encounter at Mount St. Mary’s University and Seminary, presenter Russ Breault invited a mixed audience of scripture scholars, theologians, chemists, and “church ladies” to become conspiracy theorists for the evening. Like a legal proceeding, Breault presented “the case of the Shroud” taking a comprehensive look at both sides of the argument–for and against its authenticity. Breault, using his story-telling manner and visual displays, exhibited the fervor and dedication of a scientist who took us on a roller-coaster ride of scientific evidence, historical accounts and contemporary theories which led us to an understanding of what the Shroud is–and isn’t.Though fascinating for all its intrigue and dizzying array of evidence, Shroud Encounter opened not just the minds of those of us who attended that night but also our hearts. –Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs, S.T.D., Vice President and Rector, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, Maryland

“Russ Breault’s Shroud Encounter presentation was exceptional. The multi-media approach captivated my students. This educational tour of the Shroud was informative and riveting. It was a magnificent example of faith and reason at work.” –Joseph Wurtz, Dean of Student Life, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA

“On Tuesday night students gathered to hear an incredible presentation on the Shroud of urin. “It was amazing!” Freshman Fran Ginski said.”–The Christendom College Chronicler, Front Royal, VA

“In a time when so many people have become casual in their faith, the Shroud of Turin is a great mystery that can awaken the minds of slumbering Christians. Is the Shroud of Turin the actual burial cloth of Christ? Is the Shroud a “witness” to the miracle to Christ’s resurrection? Russ Breault’s “Shroud Encounter” offers a compelling science-based critique of the Shroud of Turin that leaves audiences both awed and inspired. Highly recommended!” Matthew Christoff, Founder of Catholic Man Night, Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for bringing Shroud Encounter to St. Mark’s Parish. The response by those who attended was excellent! I enjoyed the manner in which you presented the material, and the freedom you gave people to believe or not believe that it could be the Shroud of Jesus. The forensics were great and the pictorial presentation very helpful in understanding the background and current status of the Shroud. I know that I personally learned a great deal from your presentation. Reverend Louis A. Sirianni, JCL. Pastor, St. Mark’s Church, Rochester, NY

The response to Shroud Encounter has been overwhelming with most people wishing they could see it again! Russ’ presentation appeals to just about anyone as he takes you on a guided tour of the Shroud from a historical, biblical, philosophical and scientific aspect-leaving no stone unturned. Given the opportunity we would gladly ask Russ back. Christopher L. Bush, Business Manager, St. Mark’s Church, Rochester, NY

“With fellow pilgrims to Jerusalem, I have been deeply moved by being present at the actual Holy sites of Jesus of Nazareth’s suffering, death and resurrection. Russ Breault brings those he interacts with intellectually and spiritually to those same Sacred sites in an imaginative and compelling way. He does this most remarkably through his personal passion and expertise and taking the participant on a fascinating investigative journey with the purported burial cloth of the Savior, the Sacra Sindone. Russ enthusiastically offers a life changing presentation that is not to be missed!” Sir Terrence Kopp, Knight Grand Cross, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and 25 years as Marketing Manager, EWTN, Global Catholic Network

Superlative Presentation! Russ Breault’s CSI approach left our audience of 350+ spellbound. Drawing upon the fruit of decades of scientific research (conducted by a variety of eminent scholars in their respective fields), his big screen Shroud Encounter was as informative as it was engaging. I most enthusiastically recommend this one-of-a-kind presentation. Fr. Joseph Marquis, Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church, Livonia, MI

Last June, Ave Maria Radio brought Mr. Breault’s Shroud Encounter to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Livonia where he played to a packed standing-room-only audience. You could’ve heard a pin drop while he spoke. For two hours straight, he outlined the history, science and other issues surrounding the Shroud of Turin, and nobody left. It was spell-binding. Mr. Breault presents the facts and lets the audience decide on their own—and he’ll take any question that anyone has to ask. In fact, the question and answer period following the talk is one of the most powerful parts of Breault’s presentation. Tom Loewe, Development Director-Ave Maria Radio

Russ Breault is dynamic. His five presentations for Ave Maria Radio’s week long Shroud of Turin tour throughout Southeast Michigan, were wonderful. Speaking to rapt audiences in each location, Russ brought new insight and understanding to the Mystery of the Shroud of Turin. Truly an expert, Russ held the crowds in the palm of his hand. The visuals, the stories, the history, the chronology, and most interestingly, the science behind the Shroud were all presented in a professional energetic style that only Russ Breault can deliver. Shroud Encounter is truly an event you won’t want to miss and if you are the one looking for an event to bring to your community, here’s your chance to be a hero. Michael P. Jones, Vice President, General Manager, Ave Maria Radio

“Russ Breault is an insightful, engaging and compelling guest.His mastery of the sometimes complex discussion of the Shroud of Turin is quite apparent. I heartily recommend his speaking, website and research.” — Al Kresta, Host of “Kresta in the Afternoon”

Russ Breault did a great job in presenting the latest information on the Shround on a recent Sunday afternoon at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Manorville, Long Island. He even kept our people interested and excited to stay for the second presentation during the evening! I highly recommend him as a presenter to your parish. His professional presentation included so much information and beautiful pictures that gave us all much to think about. –Fr Roy Tvrdik, SMM, Director, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Manorville, NY

Russ Breault is one of the most compelling experts today who is telling the narrative of the Shroud of Turin. He weaves together fascinating facts with amazing technology and personal zeal for the Shroud story. His presentation draws listeners fully into the mystery, and provokes the imagination with dramatic conclusions. Russ Breault gives the Shroud Encounter the ‘Wow’ factor it deserves. Sheila Liaugminas, Host – ‘A Closer Look’, Relevant Radio

I was so excited about being able to attend a seminar given in my area recently. The program known as Shroud Encounter was given by a well-known Shroud expert, Russ Breault. At the end of his presentation it wasn’t the facts, test results, studies, and frankly enough information to make anyone’s head spin, which left me speechless. Instead it was a question Russ Breault proposed that really struck home with me, someone whose expertise centers on the media and media influence. Breault asked since we live in a media saturated culture, where we communicate more with images than words, doesn’t it make perfect sense that God may have preserved the cloth for this particular time in history? It does indeed make a lot of sense. After all, at a time when young people are using some form of the media 53 hours a week, adults about 40 hours or more a week, how else could God break through all the noise in our lives; MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, satellite TV, cell phones, texting, and more unless He decided to use the same means of distraction, images transmitted via the media, to hopefully, if our hearts are open, grab our attention? We may never have the answers to those questions or be able to answer conclusively that the Shroud is truly the burial cloth of the King of Kings. But in an age of images, it is something worth pondering. Excerpted from Our Sunday Visitor, “An Image for Our Day” by Teresa Tomeo

“I want to thank you Russ for an awesome presentation at our Cathedral in Philadelphia. Shroud Encounter was inspiring, fast moving and educational. Your professional, and yet personal interpretation of the facts about the Shroud of Turin offered a unique insight into the scientific, scriptural and historical facts concerning the Shroud. I can’t thank you enough!” Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan, Director for Evangelization. Archeparchy of Philadelphia

“We continue to observe many visitors to the exhibition of the replica of the Shroud of Turin at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Philadelphia. Your visit and special presentations served to inform and inspire interest about the Shroud. I am aware of many visitors who have attended because of the enthusiastic encouragement given by participants at the time of your presentation. Your dedication and zeal in this endeavor is admirable. The presentations were well developed and delivered in an interesting and engaging manner. Thank you for sharing your giftedness and knowledge.” Stefan Soroka—Metropolitan Archbishop, Archeparchy of Philadelphia