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View screen of VP-8 Image Analyzer demonstrates the 3D quality of Shroud image.

Some people refer to the Old Testament prohibition of graven images as a reason why God wouldn’t use the Shroud.   However, this prohibition was against man crafting anything with his hands to represent what has never been seen.   Moses never saw God but while he was on the mountain obtaining the Ten Commandments, Aaron was down below crafting a golden calf as if that somehow represented God.   Out of concern for this commandment, all of the early historical references of the Shroud describe it as, “Not made by human hands”.

It is also important to remember that everything changed with the arrival of Jesus in the flesh who Paul described as, “The image of the invisible God.” Col 1:15.    Moses never saw God but Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” John 14:9   The earliest painted images of Christ were created by first century disciples hiding in the catacombs of ancient Rome. They were eyewitnesses and what they painted on subterranean walls looks remarkably similar to what is seen on the Shroud today.   Is the Shroud somehow a miraculous photograph preserved for our modern skeptical age?   As we explore this intriguing mystery we encounter the incredible message of God’s love for humanity. The message of the Shroud is identical to the message of Scripture. There is no difference.

For Churches and Campus Ministries

If you represent a campus ministry, Christian school or a church, the Christian version of Shroud Encounter is one of the most powerful presentations of the Gospel one can ever see or hear. The fusion of science, history and faith appeals to both believer and non-believer alike but for different reasons.

As the audience explores the mystery in CSI fashion, the message of Christ is clearly revealed. That message does not depend on absolute proof of authenticity. The preponderance of evidence indicates it COULD be authentic, and as we explore that possibility, the message of Christ comes alive on the big screen in dramatic fashion as the agony of crucifixion is revealed through forensic analysis of the bloodstains.
The empty tomb
However, the hope of every believer lies with the resurrection. What caused this inexplicable image? It is not the work of an artist as clearly proven through numerous streams of scientific investigation. The scripture is examined and the resurrection is explored as a possibility for what caused the Shroud's mysterious image.

Few subjects are as intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting as the Shroud. Shroud Encounter is carefully designed to deliver both with accuracy and impact. It is an experience the audience will remember for years to come.

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