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For a two-day event (usually Saturday and Sunday), consider combining three acclaimed presentations over the course of the weekend.
Why these three?  There are only three core religious questions.

“How did we get here?”  This is a question of origins.
“Why am I here?”  This is a question of purpose.
“Where am I going?”  This is a question of destiny.

Unmasking Evolution squarely tackles the question of origins and challenges the key supposition of secular evolutionary theory.  Are we nothing more than the culmination of several trillion perfectly timed accidents of chance?  Can random chance and natural selection, a process that by definition is unguided, undirected, with no plan and no purpose really account for all the complexity, order and design apparent in all living things?  Perhaps there is another view that fits with Scripture.  (Age of the earth is not considered)

Shroud Encounter: CSI Jerusalem focuses on the mystery of the Shroud of Turin to explore both crucifixion and resurrection in revealing the purpose of God to reconcile mankind to himself through the sacrifice of his Son.  Man’s purpose is to discover the power of personal faith in what God has accomplished through the cross.  Nothing displays God’s purpose and our needed response more than the Shroud. 

A Guided Tour of the Kingdom—An exploration of near death experiences and the wonderful realm that awaits your arrival.  This is an inspiring presentation that clearly reveals the future hope of every believer.  Thousands of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) have occurred especially with the advent of modern medicine and the ability to revive patients on the operating table.  This presentation explores the many common denominators including encounters with angels, lost loved ones and Jesus.  It combines both actual testimony and scripture making it a powerful faith builder. 

All three presentations are Big Screen events making use of hundreds of images and animated slides to make the experience fast moving and visually stimulating. 



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