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Inoculation Theory

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Unmasking Evolution    Russ and the Science Teacher


Inoculation Theory: Our kids need to be inoculated. Inoculation theory is simple. We receive a shot of a dead virus–in some cases a live virus–so our body can build up antibodies that when we encounter the actual virus it won’t affect us.

Unmasking Evolution: What your biology text forgot to tell you is designed to inoculate people to what they will hear in high school biology and every science class they will take or have taken in college. There is a deliberate blurring of the lines between science and science fiction which is where evolution becomes propaganda. Things that have happened in the past can never be proven–only interpreted within the context of one’s world view. Did all mammals really evolve from a rat-like creature that had morphed from a reptile only a few million years earlier? Really? Where is the evidence that definitively proves this?

It is important to know what propaganda sounds like so when people encounter it again they can say; “Hmmm, I have heard this before!” Unmasking Evolution does not take a position on the age of the earth. Nobody knows. I have no desire to prove a literal interpretation of Genesis. No one knows how long a “day” might be. This approach is counter-productive.

I concentrate on this key question: Can complexity, order and design come about through a random process–that by definition is unguided, undirected, with no plan and no purpose? If someone asks me if I believe in evolution–I have a simple response. “What do you mean? Are you asking me if species change over time? Yes, absolutely, but only within a certain genetic range. Are you asking me if humans evolved from bacteria by an unguided random process? Absolutely not!”

Yet “molecules to man” is exactly what is being taught in our schools and unfortunately churches do very little to prepare their kids for this orchestrated attack on their faith. Almost 100 years ago, in 1925, Evolution scored a big win during the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. “Science” had won the day and the church had no credible response except to quote Genesis. Today modern genetics and information technology have the opportunity to dethrone Evolution once and for all and restore God to His rightful place as the Creator in the hearts and minds of young believers. Unmasking Evolution challenges the major claims of evolutionary theory and exposes how Evolution is simply the creation story of atheism.

Think about it. The Human Genome Project has identified over 20,000 genes spread across our 46 chromosomes directed by our DNA with over 3.3 billion lines of genetic code containing specific instructions for every amino acid, every protein, every cell and every organ in our body. Is it credible to believe that this degree of complexity came about through an unguided random process? Yet this is precisely what is being taught in our schools as “fact”.

The Church cannot stand by and let this continue to happen. Science information is now on the side of Intelligent Design. We must exercise boldness and stand up against this enormous falsehood that is stealing faith from our children.

In Revelation, the first thing John hears when he is caught up into heaven are these words: “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Rev 4:10-11

Bring Unmasking Evolution to your church. Everyone needs to be inoculated.