Shroud Encounter is a dramatic big screen experience and an in-depth exploration into the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin. Using a CSI approach, audiences are taken on a thought provoking adventure through early church history, ancient art, modern science, and medical forensics.

Could the Shroud be the most significant archaeological artifact ever found, or is it just a Medieval fake? Does it provide clues to what happened during the crucifixion and resurrection, or is it just a pious art work created to represent these events? After thousands of hours of scientific analysis, the Shroud remains a profound mystery.

International lecturer and researcher Russ Breault has presented to hundreds of audiences over the past 20 years. He is recognized as a leading expert and an engaging speaker able to captivate audiences with both skillful delivery and depth of knowledge.


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Everyone loves a mystery. The Shroud of Turin is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Shroud Encounter is informative, entertaining, and thought provoking.

"Presentation was exceptional. The multi-media approach captivated my students. This educational tour of the Shroud was informative and riveting." (see References for more)

Two approaches are offered: One is a secular version suitable for state supported or unaffiliated private schools.

A second version is suitable for Christian schools, campus ministries and churches and explores more of the Shroud's religious implications and spiritual significance.

Both approaches are fascinating and are offered to accomodate different requirements of the sponoring organization. Read more about Russ Breault's approach at CSI-Jerusalem.

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