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The case of the missing body resumes.   The evidence from a bloody shroud bearing the full front and back image of a bearded, crucified man can once again be considered possible evidence for what happened.   Could this ancient linen cloth actually be an archaeological artifact documenting the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago?   No one can say for sure.   But evidence is mounting, and the very fact that it COULD be makes it worthy of continued study and investigation.
Front image of man lying between burns and patches from 1532 fire.
Shroud Encounter is a highly acclaimed multi-media presentation of The Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc.. Audiences are drawn into an investigation that will remind them of popular TV shows like CSI, Cold Case Files and even The X-Files as the mystery of the Shroud is explored. Shroud Encounter is a fast-moving big screen experience packed with over 150 superb images. Audiences are carried along a trail that leads from first century Jerusalem through ancient Byzantium, to the Crusades, to the Knights Templar, through medieval France to Turin, Italy.Audiences will explore Jewish burial practices, ancient textile manufacture, scientific analysis of the image and blood stains, a medical forensic evaluation as it relates to death by crucifixion and what may have happened to the man on the Shroud. The nature of the image is examined and theories are explored as to what caused this astounding image that continues to defy scientific explanation.

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