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We always encourage students and audience members to write or email their comments to us. The following are a few excerpts:

"I have never, ever heard of the shroud before. I was taken aback by the fact that no one in my church had ever mentioned it. The lecture was great." M. McCants, student

"I really enjoyed your presentation. The most compelling part was the depth of information. It absolutely fascinated me. I had read things before, but never as detailed." G. Kodama, student"

"I had heard of the Shroud of Turin before but never in such depth …Your enthusiasm on the subject was clear and helped in keeping my attention right down to the end." N. DeVault, student

"You did a superb job of explaining the details and facts behind the story. I want to thank you for introducing this new idea in my head. I hope you continue to inform others of this theory." L. Spradley, student

"Religion and science are so often depicted as being contrary to each other. I enjoyed hearing of the scientific investigation…it is amazing to hear of the extreme depths to which the investigation has taken. It is unfortunate that much of the public still thinks the Shroud is a dead subject, even though it is still a very real mystery." D. Dolan, student

"I must admit I knew nothing of the Shroud and thought the lecture would be extremely boring. I just want to inform you that I thought your presentation was great and anything but boring. I was interested throughout the whole presentation and I found myself discussing it with fellow classmates as well as family members. I hope you come back and give other students the same privilege I had." S. Van Velzor, student

"You truly enlightened me on the matter of the Shroud. I had seen a number of TV programs that hit many of the points, but you really nailed them all. The presentation that you gave us was very interesting and fast-paced. It gives me a good feeling to know that Christ perhaps gave us this mystery to figure for ourselves, from within, and some of us have." M. Joyner, student

"It's amazing that there is a possibility of having such a wonderful piece of history still intact. I encourage you to continue the work that you are doing, stimulating the skeptic's mind to believe in the unbelievable." A. West, student

"Having never heard of the Shroud of Turin before, I was extremely amazed at the mystery of this artifact. I am also convinced that the Shroud has a much deeper meaning than some people would choose to admit. Thank you very much for sharing this mystery with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" R. Fisher, student

"You made Christianity more real." K. Orr, student

"I thought that your presentation was very interesting. Your energy and enthusiasm on the subject was contagious! My best friend is now extremely interested in further research." S. Haisey, student

"I knew very little about the Shroud and was fascinated by its history and the debate over its authenticity. I have always had complete confidence in scientific evidence like Carbon-14 Dating, but I am now convinced that these techniques are not flawless." A. Alvarado, student

"Hearing the story of how Jesus was crucified…I have never seen such an example and it will stay in my mind forever." K. Flynn, student

"I found all of the strange coincidences extremely fascinating. Some parts of the presentation made chills run down my spine. The events seemed almost too mystical to be real, but the image is there…I plan on doing more research on the Shroud over the summer." K. Moody, student

"Your presentation was amazing. I enjoyed your enthusiasm." D. Barnes, student

"I thought the presentation on the Shroud of Turin was awesome! I was very skeptical and negative towards the idea of Jesus' death shroud even existing. I don't really have any opinions or beliefs on religion or Jesus because I've never really been shown any solid proof. I'm the last person in the world you would expect to believe the story of the Shroud. I was absolutely dumbfounded that there were so many facts and so much proof to back up the story. I was very impressed by your thorough presentation. Thank you so very much!" A. Tenney, student

"I found it very interesting how you were able to go back so far to find all the little hints on how the Shroud can be traced back to the first century. At first I thought there was no truth to the Shroud, but you made me think. You really kept my attention throughout the whole presentation." J. Matheos, student

"Less than half of my classmates had ever heard of the Shroud. I personally learned a lot…" S. McGrath, student

"I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture…I came not knowing a thing about the Shroud, but now I feel like I can tell the story myself." T. Wrightson, student

"The presentation made me think and look at some things differently." S. Batson, student

"Your presentation shook up my belief that Jesus was not God's son or a part of the Trinity. I even, sort of hesitatingly, think it may have been Jesus' shroud. This possibility is something I will toil over for a long time. I am glad that I heard your very thought provoking presentation." B. Heery, student

"I thought the presentation was captivating! It is one of the most interesting subjects that anyone has ever spoken on in this school. The most interesting part was when you revealed that the image is a negative and reversed it to make it positive. The image was powerful." R. Cuschieri, student

"Your presentation was most impressive. I feel I have been enlightened about a very interesting topic." C. Sullivan, student

"It was awesome…good attention getter…really focused the information well and kept me interested the entire time. Good choice of speaker and subject!" T. Hangen, student

"You took special care to make sure that each point was understood. Facts were presented as facts and ideas as ideas. I liked how you discussed possibilities and disproved those that could not have happened. I liked how you presented the facts but it was up to us to decide." K. Prails, student

"Your presentation on the shroud thrilled and excited me immensely. It increased my faith…it was a wonderful indirect witness." D. Martin, student

"You addressed every question I had at the time. The minute I thought of the question you answered it. You supported every statement with facts instead of opinion. I enjoyed it and learned a lot." M. Brinker, student

"Your technique throughout the presentation was effective. I had the opportunity to hear you twice. The second time, I found I had remembered key points from the previous lecture. It takes a skilled person to keep my attention twice in one day!" R. Shallow, student

"Your presentation really opened my eyes at a point in my school career when my focus is elsewhere. You grabbed my attention and made me use my mind. You presented your topic the best it could be presented. You understand the subject to the fullest and are a complete professional in presenting it. I think you'll continue to touch more people in the future." J. Browne, student

"Your audience was captivated with what you had to say. Let's face it, it's fascinating. It is comforting to know that there are people out there willing to share such knowledge." S. Evans, student

It was totally new to me and opened my eyes to things I never imagined. I appreciate that you spoke about both sides of the issue. At first I was very skeptical, but as the presentation continued I realized that I should not have judged so quickly." J. Carino, student

"The presentation introduced ideas about things I had never thought about. You kept my attention and I learned a great deal." K. Hutchings, student

"The part that impressed me the most was that you stated facts, and gave your opinion when appropriate, but conclusions were never forced on us." K. Gilbert, student

"The Shroud of Turin has always interested me. Your presentation exposed me to the history of the shroud that has baffled me for years now. Before the presentation, I was a devout atheist, you have shown me the way." B. Martinez, student

"I loved your presentation. I am not overly interested in the Christian religion and was very skeptical. But all of the questions I was asking myself as you spoke ended up being answered. I have told my whole family about the Shroud and everything that I learned. Thank you so much for bringing the Shroud to my attention. I have never enjoyed learning about something with religious influence so much before." P. Gustafson, student

"Even though I am not a strong religious person, I still thoroughly enjoyed learning about this mystery. Until the day you came to speak, I had never even heard of the Shroud of Turin. I am now interested in finding out more about it." K. Lewis, student

"The presentation on the Shroud made quite an impression on me. I have always been very cynical about it. I am not a Christian but your "evidence" made me think twice about who Jesus really was." S. Corbet, student

"The presentation that you gave us was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen." P. Smilley, student

"I think it was Jesus because I personally believe that it is OK to have something that cannot be explained by the laws of nature." Y. Aoi, student

"The ideas, examples and historical lore that lie within the shroud are completely fascinating. There are so many angles at which to approach the mysteries of the shroud, but you are able to lead the listener down a clear and concise path. A definite two thumbs up!" R. Graham, student

"The Shroud of Turin presentation was fabulous. I loved how you explained without sounding like you were a hard core Christian. Your presentation showed me that miracles can happen and not everything you hear is true." W. Wood, student

"I have always been a Christian, but your presentation breathed new life into my faith." J. Volin, student

"I have a ton of questions about religion and Christianity and mysticism, and this just opened up a lot of doors as to the possibilities to the answer." H. Robertson, student

"The detailed image on the cloth is overwhelming. Even if some people did not agree, I believe that your message still spoke to them and made them think about the possibility. Many people discussed the topic afterwards…it has been a great way to start a conversation with someone about Christ." L. Deemer, student

"I found it great that people were listening to what you had to say because they heard something about Christ that they have probably never heard before." K. Smith, student

"I enjoyed every minute of it!" J. Shelton, student

"The information caused me to think intently about the subject…it was a learning experience that not only stimulated my mind but added to my cultural growth." S. Webster, student

"The slides you used were wonderful and they showed us exactly what you were talking about…it was a great learning experience." M. Mills, student

"Students form many of their beliefs during the course of their teenage years and this presentation could be of great value in shaping those beliefs." A. Rivera, student

"I have been having doubts about Christianity recently, and your presentation gave me another reason to want to believe." M. Trembley, student

"One strength of your presentation is that you never stated that the Shroud was authentic beyond a doubt. You left the audience to make its own conclusion. You explained alternate theories and you also explained the migration of the Shroud from Israel to Italy very well." B. Varisco, student

"This presentation made me think a lot about what I know about Christ. It moved me. The way you told the pain Christ went through. It makes me feel special that anyone would do that for me." J. Altizer, student



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