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Scientists begin their investigation in 1978.  First day of five days of continuous testing and analysis.When in history did the idea of an image on linen originate? What caused icon images to become so prominent within ancient Byzantine Christianity? What is the "Image Not Made By Human Hands" discovered in the sixth century? Could it be related to the Shroud? Do ancient legends and folklore offer any clues? Are there ancient liturgical references? Is there a link to the Fourth Crusade and the Knights Templar?

There are few subjects that span such a diversity of disciplines all focused on one artifact. Learning about the Shroud exposes the audience to 100 years of scientific and medical inquiry. It demonstrates the investigative role of science as well as it's limitations. Shroud Encounter connects the student to past events, people and cultures that have shaped our world today and brings perspective to the role of religion in previous centuries, the roots of which run deep in Western Civilization. The rise of modern secularism cannot alter the historical role of religion and should be included in what every student learns as part of a well rounded education.



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