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"In one of the best presentations I have ever seen, Russ Breault's Shroud Encounter offers centuries of facts and explores their corresponding arguments in order to allow each individual to come to his own conclusions." --Andy Andrews--NY Times Best Selling Author

"Fascinating is the only one adjective I can use...I had goose bumps at times!"--Connie Parish, The Leavenworth Times

"Professionally presented and demonstrated excellent insights into the biblical, historical, and scientific knowledge...lack of dogmatism on the authenticity of the Shroud allowed each attendee to reach his or her own conclusion...excellent lectures, all reports extremely positive."--Colonel John C. Scott, U.S. Army Western Command HQ, Fort Shafter, Hawaii

“Russ Breault is an insightful, engaging and compelling guest. His mastery of the sometimes complex discussion of the Shroud of Turin is quite apparent. I heartily recommend his speaking, website and research.” -- Al Kresta, Host of “Kresta in the Afternoon”

Working with Russ Breault was truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. Russ is incredibly enthusiastic, engaging, and personable. He brings this same level of energy and commitment to his interactive presentation. Russ's style of presenting the evidence of the Shroud was inclusive, allowing those from both faith perspectives and science perspectives to feel they were represented in the presentation. I appreciated Russ's approach to his work and to his dedication to learning. I was completely wrapped up in the historical tracing of the Shroud of Turin's journey as well as the intriguing scientific presentation of facts and historical references. I look forward to continued work with Russ and can confidently recommend his program and his work to others. --Liza Talusan, Director of Intercultural Affairs, Stonehill College

"One of the humble guys I am proud to have as a friend is Russ Breault. It was about six months after I met Russ that I learned of Russ’ passion, he is one of a handful of Shroud of Turin experts residing in the United States. The reality is that the Shroud of Turin is a mystery worthy of a CSI episode. Russ is an example of the sort of creativity that people with a passion have."—Ken Pyle, Managing Editor, The Viodi View

Shroud Encounter was an excellent presentation. Russ is a captivating and dynamic speaker that kept the attention of the audience throughout the presentation. If schools are looking for an interesting educational program that will spark good debate and conversation, this program is it. Michael Hersh, Asst. Director of Student Activities for Programming, Penn College ®

"Russ Breault, a lecturer on a whirlwind tour captivated audiences last week on the Shroud of Turin. His approach is objective, analytical and leads the listener to draw his or her own conclusions."--Military Sun Press

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation, Shroud Encounter. We had a larger turnout than normal. Your message generated a lot of interest. Several of our members thought you were the best speaker we have ever had. A number even asked to get your speaking schedule so they could come to hear your presentation again. One member asked if you would be willing to come back. Thank you so much for your enlighting presentation." Mitch Rowland, US Naval Academy Alumni Association

Russ Breault’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin truly astonishes! He has a talent for taking a very complicated historical phenomenon and explaining it simply and clearly to his audience…exceedingly educational. We were happy to host Mr. Breault. Whatever your personal opinion is about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, everyone can learn a lot from Mr. Breault’s presentation. Joanna Pressimone, Director of Student Activities, Alvernia University

Mr. Breault and Shroud Encounter was a bracing experience for our church and our community. From his exhaustive knowledge of the topic to the revealing multi-media presentation, all was gripping! Rev. Dr. Alan W. McBride, Orange Beach United Methodist Church, Orange Beach, AL

Listening to Mr. Breault’s systematic discussion of the history and science of the Shroud of Turin had me on the edge of my seat. Methodically, scientifically and with energy and humor, he shared information from both sides of the mystery, and the visuals made the presentation come alive. Looking around at the audience of more than 200 people, I could see that I was not the only one riveted by this lesson in history, science, and faith. Lina Barbieri, Director of Public Relations, DeSales University

I thought I had read, seen and heard all there was on the Shroud of Turin but that all changed with the presentation by Russ Breault at DeSales University. His explanation of the science, history and art of the Shroud gave his audience a unique perspective and his delivery of the facts based in scripture bordered on genius. If you have the chance to see him speak grab it with both hands! Lore Mcfadden-Westwood, Director of Student Activities, DeSales University

Russ Breault's presentation was unbelievable! Our audience was captivated. We cannot thank him enough. Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S., Director, Salesian Center for Faith and Culture

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! I am grateful for every aspect of the experience. I value the opportunity we had to make Russ Breault's acquaintance and the possibility to see the students of TCS benefit from his passionate research on the Shroud. The students and staff were academically stimulated by his skillful ability, personal passion, historic documentation and insightful application. I heartily recommend Mr. Russ Breault and Shroud Encounter. --Dean Demos, Headmaster, Trinity Christian School, Sharpsburg, Georgia

"Intriguing, provocative, stimulating and yet objective evidences of the Shroud's mysteries created an atmosphere of intense excitement for the audience."--Major David Dare, West Point Military Academy

"Fine presentation...a very rewarding experience."--Duanne Knox, Principal, Pacelli HS, Columbus, GA

"Mr. Breault's presentation is truly captivating."--Major Charles Canada, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

"The audio-visual aids make the history of the Shroud come alive...I commend your program."--Dr. James T. Pennell, Senior Pastor, Wynnton United Methodist Church, Columbus, GA

"Russ Breault, who has studied the controversial relic for over 20 years, challenged some modern explanations for the mysterious piece of fabric that some say is the burial cloth of Jesus and others dismiss as a medieval hoax. Breault opened a lecture at the Sanford Institute of Public Policy Tuesday with the central mystery of the Shroud: "It either is the authentic burial shroud of Christ or it isn't. But if it isn't, then what is it?"--Duke University Chronicle

Superlative Presentation! Russ Breault's CSI approach left our audience of 350+ spellbound. Drawing upon the fruit of decades of scientific research (conducted by a variety of eminent scholars in their respective fields), his big screen Shroud Encounter was as informative as it was engaging. I most enthusiastically recommend this one-of-a-kind presentation. Fr. Joseph Marquis, Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church, Livonia, MI

Russ Breault’s presentation uses more than 150 highly detailed images in discussing the mystery of the Shroud. It’s a multi-media “CSI”-type exploration of every facet and discusses the issues surrounding the Shroud’s possible authenticity as the burial cloth of Jesus Christ with a focus on whether it’s real, or whether it’s a hoax. Mr. Breault presents the facts and lets the audience decide on their own—and he’ll take any question that anyone has to ask.  In fact, the question and answer period following the talk is one of the most powerful parts of Breault’s presentation. Last March, Ave Maria Radio brought Mr. Breault to Sacred Heart Byzantine Church in Livonia where he played to a packed standing-room-only audience. You could’ve heard a pin drop while he spoke. For two hours straight, he outlined the history, science and other issues surrounding the Shroud of Turin, and nobody left. It was spell-binding. Tom Loewe, Development Director-Ave Maria Radio

Russ Breault did a great job in presenting the latest information on the Shround on a recent Sunday afternoon at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Manorville, Long Island. He even kept our people interested and excited to stay for the second presentation during the evening! I highly recommend him as a presenter to your parish. His professional presentation included so much information and beautiful pictures that gave us all much to think about. --Fr Roy Tvrdik, SMM, Director, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Manorville, NY

Shroud Encounter was great! It was very informative and kept the audience's interest all the way through. Russ was objective and presented the information without trying to convince students towards a religious belief, but rather presented the analysis of expert research. A couple students even commented it was the best lecture they'd been to on campus. --Christy Michel, Cultural Awareness Chair, Campus Program Board

Shroud Encounter was an educational, yet interesting and enlightening presentation. It was both fast-paced and visually appealing. The students were engaged and had several questions. I would recommend Shroud Encounter for any college campus. Russ Breault neither confirms nor denies the authenticity of the Shroud but asks the audience to follow the evidence and develop their own conclusions in the end. Jessica Nickoson, Student Activities Coordinator, University of Indianapolis

"The audience response was beyond our expectation...enthusiastic and upbeat presentation makes for not only an educational evening but an entertaining one."--John Burgess, Coordinator of Student Programs, Auburn University

"Superb presentation...research was thorough...professionally done...questions and answers were handled with wisdom and scholarship...related very well to the students."
--Clete Sipes, Baptist Student Union, Auburn University

"I want to thank you Russ for an awesome presentation at our Cathedral in Philadelphia. Shroud Encounter was inspiring, fast moving and educational. Your professional, and yet personal interpretation of the facts about the Shroud of Turin offered a unique insight into the scientific, scriptural and historical facts concerning the Shroud. I can't thank you enough!" Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan, Director for Evangelization. Archeparchy of Philadelphia

“We continue to observe many visitors to the exhibition of the replica of the Shroud of Turin at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Philadelphia. Your visit and special presentations served to inform and inspire interest about the Shroud. I am aware of many visitors who have attended because of the enthusiastic encouragement given by participants at the time of your presentation. Your dedication and zeal in this endeavor is admirable. The presentations were well developed and delivered in an interesting and engaging manner. Thank you for sharing your giftedness and knowledge.” Stefan Soroka—Metropolitan Archbishop, Archeparchy of Philadelphia

"I've seen Mr. Breault's Shroud Encounter presentation several times over the years and each is more fascinating than the last. His presentation is not only factual but fascinating as well. He ably shares continuing professional knowledge in the field of Shroud research and kept our congregation involved and on the edge of their seats throughout the evening. Tremendous and top notch in every respect."--Dr. Curt Pedder, Grace Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX

"In Willingham Auditorium, Russ Breault, the keynote speaker, relayed to anxious listeners the mystery which surrounds the linen. Sophomore international business major, Melissa McCants said, "I have never, ever heard of the Shroud before. I was taken aback by the fact that no one in my church had ever mentioned it. The lecture was great."--Mercer University Press

"It's very entertaining. About five minutes into the presentation, my chin dropped, and I don't think it came back until he was through."--Al Gardner, First Presbyterian Church, Peachtree City, GA (As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

"Scintillating presentation...praiseworthy...will be remembered for a long time."--Colonel Richard Lovisone, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

"Mr Breault's program is based on his extensive research. It gives the listener the facts and allows them to draw their own conclusions" --The U.S. Army Bayonet

"Breault began following the extensive media coverage of the Shroud of Turin Research Project in 1978. He began doing presentations on the Shroud in 1981 and did 64 lectures in one year. It is a very compelling message." --The Birmingham News

An excellent multi-media event. Russ Brealt delivers his lecture without heavy dogmatism, carefully leaving a decision about the Shroud up to each participant. He has an extensive and accurate knowledge and he does a good job of condensing scientific jargon for a lay audience. He is an effective public communicator. Mr. Breault was well received on our Medical Center Campus and allows time for questions and answers that he handles well." --Gerald Stevens, UAB Medical Center

Your lecture and media presentation were excellent. You are very energetic and you certainly know your subject. You brought so many new facets to consider. And I liked the way you wove the scientific data together with history. Our thanks to you for bringing Shroud Encounter to us at Oak Grove United Methodist Church. -Mary Lou Gilbert, Associate Pastor, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Decatur, GA

"Russ Breault's Shroud Encounter presentation was exceptional. The multi-media approach captivated my students. This educational tour of the Shroud was informative and riveting. It was a magnificent example of faith and reason at work." --Joseph Wurtz, Dean of Student Life, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA

"On Tuesday night students gathered to hear an incredible presentation on the Shroud of Turin. "It was amazing!" Freshman Fran Ginski said."--The Christendom College Chronicler, Front Royal, VA

"Russ Breault loves a good mystery, and after attending an international symposium in Rome last month, he said the plot has thickened. Mr. Breault has immersed himself in trying to unravel something experts in theology and scientific circles have wrestled with for centuries."--Atlanta Journal Constitution

"1978, that is when Russ Breault began his research into the Shroud Project. He still doesn't have an answer, but he certainly has the evidence of 100,000 scientific man-hours expended in research and analysis."-Honolulu Star Bulletin

"Russ Breault, a noted lecturer, examined the smallest of details surrounding the sacred cloth's controversial authenticity debate for those gathered to hear an expert led presentation."--The Journal News, Martinsburg, WV

"Breault became fascinated with the subject when he was a grad student. "I was asked to write for the college newspaper," Breault relayed in an exclusive interview. "It was in the late 70's and the Shroud was big news. The more I researched the more fascinated I became." Breault has turned that project into his life's avocation."--Tennessee Star Journal

"Russ Breault's Shroud Encounter was a thoroughly researched, stimulating and thoughtful presentation."--Sid Neville, Dillard UMC, Dillard, GA

"Russ came to our September meeting and gave an in-depth presentation of the long history of the shroud, which he called Shroud Encounter. He presented information on chemical analysis, blood and pollen analysis, and textile analysis.
The depth of information on the Shroud is quite impressive and cannot be captured here even in abridged form."-- U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Newsletter"

Russ's presentation of Shroud Encounter is first-rate, professional, and engaging. His status as a genuine expert on the Shroud is clear and his information well researched and documented. We had a tremendous response from the community. And, although the evidence for its authenticity is very compelling, the focus is not on converting people to a belief in the Shroud... I recommend Russ without hesitation." --Terry Long, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City, UT

"Very much deserved praise...presentation was quite masterful."--Dr. Ray Schneider, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bridgewater College, VA

"Russ Breault resembled a trial lawyer as he presented his evidence and told the audience they must judge the facts. Breault, however, was not presenting evidence in a courtroom. He was lecturing on the Shroud of Turin. "No matter how much evidence we find, we can never prove the Shroud to be the burial shroud of Christ. We can never prove it absolutely," he said. "All we can do is present the evidence and let you decide." --Shreveport Times

"In several different lectures Mr Breault addressed the question whether the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus or a medieval hoax, and explored how science and history meet to probe the world’s greatest mystery – the image on a piece of cloth. His expertise on the topic was recognized, and his lectures were well attended...delighted to have Mr Russ Breault participate...we look forward to future events... " --Phillip H. Wiebe, PhD, Trinity Western University, Vancouver BC

"We can never prove for an absolute fact that the Shroud is the burial cloth of Christ," said Russ Breault, who has extensively studied the scientist's effort to analyze the Shroud. "We can never prove the image is the result of the resurrection either. But I think you can build a pretty good case for both."--Montgomery Journal

"Mesmerizing! Russ Breault managed to captivate a national radio and television audience by weaving together a fascinating discussion about the Shoud of Turin. I know our audience, watching on FamilyNet television affiliates and listening on Sirius Satellite radio, found it educational and engrossing. Breault's expertise as both a shroud scholar and a serious student of the Bible helped put this endearing story into its proper historical, scientific and religious perspectives. But on top of that, he spoke so passionately about a subject that has dominated his life for nearly three decades that he transformed it into a wonderfully personal journey. He's welcome back on "Mornings" anytime." --Larry Estepa, Host/Producer, "Mornings With Lorri and Larry" FamilyNet and Sirius Radio

Russ is a thorough, engaging guest with a fascinating topic. He can discuss the Shroud of Turin from a scientific, historical and faith-based perspective. He not only is interesting, he generated calls from our listening and viewing audience. We'd definitely have him back. -- Lorri Allen, Host/Producer, "Mornings With Lorri and Larry" FamilyNet and Sirius Radio

"Impressive, evidencing hours of preparation and study."-- Columbus Ledger-Enquirer


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