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SHROUD ENCOUNTER is a big-screen event using over 200 images.

Russ Breault is a renowned expert and an accomplished speaker and must charge a modest honorarium for his time and expertise. When travel expense is added, the cost may exceed the budget of many churches. What is the answer?

Many churches have had great success pre-selling tickets to the event.

Ticket prices have ranged from $7.50 to $15.00. What tends to work best is $10.00 in advance and $12.00 at the door. Some churches have allowed high school youth to attend free.

Tickets should go on sale about a month in advance of the event. A table with posters promoting the event is manned by volunteers in high traffic areas where tickets are pre-sold for three Sundays in advance. Posters (which we customize for you) can be reduced to flyer size as handouts. Announcements should be made before or after the Mass or service to promote participation. We also customize a 60-second video for this purpose. Sample Promo Video

Churches with savvy tech skills can set up a landing page on their website where tickets can be purchased online using a PayPal account. Constant Contact can be used to create attractive email blasts to promote the event with a link to Pay Pal for online ticket purchases. SHROUD ENCOUNTER makes ad copy available for these purposes. See:

Pre-selling tickets builds excitement and enthusiasm for the event. SHROUD ENCOUNTER should be seen as an outreach to the community, to those who may be drawn to the mystery of the Shroud but are not actively involved in church. As the mystery is explored the heart of the gospel is also explored. The Shroud may always remain a mystery—but the message is right out of the Bible.

As an outreach, church members should be encouraged to purchase a ticket for a friend, family member or neighbor. Tickets can be discounted or even offered free if they are to be used for this purpose. People are more likely to come when given a ticket with a real value attached. The other advantage to pre-selling tickets is that not everyone who buys one will attend. Offer no refunds. If they can’t come--they might give it to someone who can.

Churches that pre-sell tickets and take the time and effort to promote the event will make several thousand dollars above and beyond the cost of the program!

The first two churches featured in the following video both sold tickets and were both sold out!

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