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SHROUD ENCOUNTER is a live program presented by international expert, Russ Breault and explores in fascinating detail a mysterious linen cloth known as The Shroud of Turin. It has been the centerpiece of Turin, Italy for centuries. Some call it a hoax while others call it the greatest of all Christian relics. One thing is for sure...despite thousands of hours of scientific analysis, it remains one of world's greatest unsolved mysteries.

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SHROUD ENCOUNTER is a highly acclaimed multi-media presentation utilizing over 200 large screen images to unravel the scientific clues and follow the historical trail that leads through Italy, France, Turkey, the Crusades and ancient Byzantium. The Shroud of Turin is a mosaic that brings together numerous streams of scientific and historical research. As the mystery is examined, the presentation leaves no stone unturned.

"Science and History Wrapped in a Mystery!"

SHROUD ENCOUNTER is a fast-moving visual experience that plunges the audience deep into Shroud research yet allows each fascinating detail to unfold like a CSI Investigation. As with a jury in a trial, the audience is allowed to come to their own conclusions. It is a captivating journey and usually followed by a lively Q&A session.

RUSS BREAULT is an international lecturer and researcher and is President of the Shroud of Turin Education Project inc. and a member of the International Shroud Science Group. Mr. Breault has been featured in numerous national documentaries including Mysteries of the Ancient World, as seen on CBS, and a recent two-hour documentary on The History Channel. Russ Breault's presentation has intrigued audiences nationwide for over 20 years, including Duke, West Point, Auburn, SUNY, Penn College of Technology and many more.

Nationwide CHURCH Tour: Along with colleges and universities that may have a more academic focus, Mr. Breault also takes Shroud Encounter to churches across the country. It is a unique and dramatic opportunity to experience the central truths of Christianity while exploring this profound mystery. Audience response is phenomenal. (See references below)

FEES: Fees are reasonable and will accomodate most budgets.

RAVE REVIEWS! See REFERENCES for dozens of outstanding comments.



Watch clips of Mr. Breault as he appeared on the EMMY nominated documentary, The Real Face of Jesus? as seen on History Channel.










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