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A Strategic Approach...

Regardless of evidence, the Shroud can never be a substitute for faith.   However, something as potentially significant as the Shroud puts it into the same league as the Ark of the Covenant or even Noah’s Ark, neither of which have been found yet.   But the greatest artifact of all, the burial shroud of Jesus, may be hidden in plain sight, hidden by controversy and confusion rather than dirt and debris. The shroud cannot be considered "proof" but neither should it be ignored. As a potential relic of Christ, it is the only one that is in any way testable.

Front image of man as seen in a photographic negative.

Goal is to Present the Evidence...

The Shroud is a visual medium that draws audiences into the historical, medical and scientific investigation.   More important is a gripping comparison of scripture and Christ’s painful ordeal of crucifixion as revealed on the Shroud. The mystery of his resurrection is also explored. There is no attempt to “prove” the Shroud authentic, but the message of Christ is clearly presented as the evidence is examined.


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